Failure and Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Anaylsis Photo

SEAL is involved in failure analysis ranging from the collapse of oil well drilling rigs to metal pipe fatigue.
We also can build a virtual part using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) so that its performance may be evaluated
under a wide range of conditions.

From inadequate design to improper use, we have answered both how and why consumer
and industrial products, tools, machinery, safety devices, and components have not performed
as expected.

SEAL labs are equipped with a wide range of instruments and devices to perform in-lab analysis when
failure analysis is required. Accidents and failures may be clearly demonstrated using SEAL 3D simulations
and scientific visualizations.

  • How extreme pressure will affect a component?
  • At what temperature will a part fail?
  • Will a part fail if built out of different materials?
  • What design changes will be necessary for a part to resist failure?

FEA gives our engineers the ability to build virtual prototypes of objects to evaluate their performance under combinations of forces, pressures, vibration, and temperature, electrical or fluid conditions. The highly accurate computer models allow failure analysis of parts, components, or assemblies that no longer exist, or would be
too costly to duplicate.

FEA models may be tested to destruction repeatedly under most conceivable conditions.

Models may be re-designed to determine how changes to the materials, geometry, or environment
may prevent failure.


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