Fire Investigations

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FCI, is a fire cause and origin, explosion, and arson investigations division of System Engineering And Laboratories (SEAL). Fire investigators at FCI are trained and certified in fire, arson, and explosion investigations. We combine cause and origin investigative information with scene documentation, and collection of evidence for insurance claims, subrogation, and litigation.

FCI fire and arson investigators have backgrounds in firefighting, fire safety, fire prevention, hazardous materials, private investigations, and law enforcement. When an origin of a fire indicates a product defect or failure, SEAL engineers are available to assist in analysis of the specific product failure.

System Engineering And Laboratories (SEAL) fire investigations are prompt, and professional with high attention to detail, covering a wide range of incidents and services, including:

  • Residential Fires
  • Vehicle Fires & Explosions Investigations
  • Commercial / Industrial Fires & Explosions
  • Marine Fires & Explosions
  • Machinery & Equipment Fires/Explosions
  • Fire Protection Safety System Failures
  • Electrical Evaluations
  • HVAC Testing and Failure Analysis
  • Lightning Point of Entry
  • TWIC Certified Investigators
  • Cause and Origin Determination
  • Arson Determinations
  • Photo Documentation
  • Structure and Pattern Diagramming
  • Flashpoint Testing to ASTM Standards
  • Code Compliance Evaluations (Fire, Electrical & Gas)
  • Evidence Collection and Storage
  • Detailed, Comprehensive Reports









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