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From railroad, lumber and paper mills to poultry plants, we understand our clients' needs. Our industrial team, leverage that knowledge to investigate accidents, and safety processes. Our team provides in-depth analysis, re-creations, and, if needed, expert witness testimony that’s backed up by detailed technical data. We work with those clients to construct logical, detailed explanations for the most complex of safety and accident scenarios.

Some of the investigations involve:

  • Railroad and Rail Spur Investigations
  • Piping Layout and Design Failure Analysis
  • Gas Piping Systems
  • Infrastructure Safety Improvements
  • Equipment Failure Investigations
  • Safety Process Modifications
  • Fuel-gas Systems Analysis
  • Vehicles, Propulsion Systems, and Equipment
  • Process Equipment and Pressure Vessels
  • Machine Safety Guarding Systems
  • Farm, Construction and Industry Equipment


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