Cars and Truck Damage

Out of the thousands of vehicle accidents that occur each year, the cause or reason for an accident may not be easily understood. Often the facts of an accident are disputed by the parties involved. SEAL engineers have been involved in a variety of projects including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, railroad, and aircraft accidents among others.

Thus begins a meticulous examination of conditions, players and chain of events:

  • CAD of Accident Scenes, 2-D and 3-D
  • Speed Analysis Pre and Post Impact
  • FEA Failure Analysis of Components
  • Real-Time Accelerometer Data Capture
  • Mechanical Failure Cause Determination
  • Failure Determination - Pre or Post Crash
  • Vehicle damage and roadway mapping (Total Station technology)
  • Cutting-edge computer modeling, 3D simulation (HVE)
  • Advanced 3D Computer Diagramming (ARAS 360)
  • Crumple zone analysis
  • Vehicles and pedestrians involved

EDR “Black Box” Data
The Crash Data Retrieval System is a proven tool that allows our Collision Reconstructionist investigating vehicle crashes the opportunity to retrieve data parameters from a vehicle that has been in a crash. This crash data, which is stored in the vehicles airbag control module, may be used to make informed decisions about the based on the crash data "gathered" from the vehicle in question.

Some of the crash data retrieved:

  • Forward deceleration
  • Maximum deceleration
  • Time from accident to maximum deceleration
  • Speed, vehicle indicated
  • Seat belt status
  • Throttle position
  • Service brake, on/off
  • Frontal air bag warning lamp, on/off


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