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Our FCI team includes marine forensics and fire investigation experts, and engineers with experience in ship construction, accident investigation, and maintenance procedures. SEAL also has engineering staff with expertise in a wide variety of related fields including metallurgy, safety, structural analysis, and mechanical systems. Our team is also active in the NAMS, National Association of Marine Surveyors, and other technical marine society committees.

The team experience includes analysis of collisions and stability analysis, storm and fire damage. Providing clients technical services related to ships, machinery/hydraulics, recreational boats and boating equipment, commercial vessels, tug/pilot boats, PWCs, water sports products, and amusement/water parks.

Marine Investigations include:

  • Field Investigations for marine fire losses
  • Accident and Safety Analysis
  • Crew injuries and safety claims
  • Rigging and material handling losses and injuries
  • Injuries in ports and offshore platforms
  • Human Factors Testing
  • Ship related injuries
  • Materials Failure Analysis
  • Ship Stability Analysis
  • Compliance Testing
  • Safety Audits


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